Orders & Shipping

We typically action orders very promptly. Typically, a library in Europe or North America receives orders two months after we get them. Mostly, we do not hold stock.

We obtain works and consolidate them into parcels, which are sent economy courier dependent upon associated costs and value of shipments to you. This gives you the assurance that the items are insured and traceable.

We report systematically on any delays or difficulties. Our clients do not need to send claim notices. In view of the distances and the scale of NZ business, we operate solely on a firm order basis, even for blanket supply arrangements.

An approach favored by some clients is to get recommendations from us that are tailored to a profile.

We accept payment in any major currency. An administration fee is charged for each parcel as well as actual freight costs.

Our pricing for mainstream monographs is competitive with the major international suppliers. We provide discounts on the higher priced items.

Shipping costs are charged at the rate it costs ourselves and is priced in this store based upon the overall weight averages base don the first book having a set price and each subsequent title adding to this. We are happy to quote a shipping rate if this suits.

To order any of our titles from current catalogues please click the category listing or search the database.